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Get the full power of AI at your fingertips, free of hidden biases and censorship. Our decentralized model allows anyone to contribute to the ecosystem and get rewarded for their work.

Generate voice-overs that are indistinguishable from reality.


Converse with our bots as if you were talking to a real person.


Recreate any voice with only ~60 seconds of audio.



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noiseGPT token

The token plays a central role in the noiseGPT ecosystem, ensuring value accrual and fostering sustainable growth. By integrating the noiseGPT token into all aspects of the platform, from training models, executing inferences to settling API requests and from allowing dynamic fee structures and governance, we ensure that token holders stay in control of the ecosystem, while also enjoying the upside of a surge in generative AI demands.



The noiseGPT token is available on Uniswap V2 (Ethereum)



The noiseGPT token is available Uniswap V3 (Arbitrum)

Bridge between Ethereum and Arbitrum by using the official Abritrum Bridge

Token distribution.

Token was fairly launched at block 16563841. Contract was renounced at block 16564097. Liquidity was locked at block 16564050. Total, max and circulating supply is 1B tokens, of which a part is on Arbitrum. No team wallets were made pre-lauch. A 5% tax will be active on Ethereum until December 2023. The token is tracked on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. More details on the token mechanics and tokenomics can be found here.

A Little More About Us

noiseGPT is on a Mission

noiseGPT is on a mission to resist the lobotomization of AI tools. We stand for complete freedom of use, freedom of speech and are against any hidden biases and censorship built into machine leaning based systems.

We are proud of the two pillars we are built upon: decentralization and censorship resistance. Users can be assured they have total freedom using our tools. On top of that our network allows people to get rewarded trustlessly for playing a role within the ecosystem. This means you can benefit from the increased demand in AI services.

The noiseGPT tokenomics model envisions a decentralized, censorship-resistant ecosystem that facilitates seamless transactions between users and providers of the AI engines powered by GPU rigs. By utilizing a dedicated token, noiseGPT, the ecosystem enables users to request text-to-speech services from these GPU nodes and also compensates those who train the voice models, thus fostering a vibrant and self-sustaining community. Decentralization and censorship resistance are vital components of the noiseGPT ecosystem. By employing a dedicated token, the platform ensures that no central authority can control or manipulate the value, availability, or usage of the token. This is particularly important for maintaining the integrity of the TTS engines and avoiding potential censorship of certain voices or content. You can read more about this in our whitepaper.

The noiseGPT token will play a crucial role in the decentralizing of the model inferences. It's is currently residing on Ethereum and Arbitrum and is trading on Uniswap and Camelot. Keep an eye on the telegram to see if you are eligible for any free tokens.

Realistic text-to-speech generation is not just a fun tool only. It can be use for a myriad of useful applications. Think of: Assistive technology, voice-overs for ising, language learning, podcasting, games, movies, audiobooks and customer service.

Conversational models, image generation, voice-cloning, discord app, new languages, and many more exciting things. Keep an eye on our roadmap.

Yes. Ultimately all inferences will be handled by 'miners': GPU rigs running our model and answering API requests, in exchange for noiseGPT tokens. To learn more, head over to our community chat

Meet The Team


Drifting between mathematics, finance, AI and political science. 10 years experience in government institutions at a national level, fund management and revenue optimization. Freedom absolutist. « We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. » - Oscar Wilde



Highly skilled ML Enthusiast who has spent the past decade helping Fortune 500 co's to small businesses modernize and adapt to new technologies. Started breaking computers at 3, and the rest is history. Today solves problems in FAANG and builds cool toys on the side.


Free speech, free willy.

noisy :)


Creator of the enjoyoooor meme, interviewed by Martin Shkreli and rickrolled 18000 people in the @3arrowscap spaces, including Trabucco and a member of congress.



Jessie Talbot

Community Manager

20 years in tech. Crypto since 2015. Focus on mobile, gaming, marketing, decentralised assets. Founder and investor across 10+ startups, with 2 major exits. Decentralisation maxi. He who is beneath.




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